CersJurkāns offers internships for future law professionals / students. If you wish to improve your knowledge and build professional experience as part of our team, please apply by filling out the application form.

Kristaps Dortāns

“CersJurkāns Law Firm was my first place of internship and has now become my workplace. During the internship, I was given different tasks, and each one was more interesting than the last. The fact that my work had a real practical meaning and was part of a larger project provided me with a sense of belonging, therefore motivating me for future tasks. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to acquire my first practical experience under the leadership of professional attorneys-at-law and lawyers. Also, CersJurkāns staff is very responsive. In the face of adversity I knew I could always turn to my colleagues and they would be prepared to share their experience, opinions and knowledge.”

Aija Gžibovska

“During the internship, I had the opportunity to gain practical experience and solidify my knowledge at an office with great communication culture and a team of professional attorneys and lawyers who work hand in hand. The main benefits I gained from the internship were the skills that will help me in my future legal career, and the inspiration to continue in my endeavours. I learned to plan my time better. During the internship, I had the opportunity to watch the daily life of a lawyer, which included communication with clients to provide them with correct legal assistance, as well as the invisible part of the lawyer’s work in preparing documentation. My internship supervisor was Attorney at Law Olavs Cers, who provided useful tips and an excellent working atmosphere.”

Emīls Gerkens

“Before my internship at CersJurkāns Law Firm, I had trouble understanding how the subjects taught at university could be useful in the future. I wanted to grasp the day-to-day work of a lawyer and ability to apply the knowledge I had acquired. During the internship, my colleagues were very kind and helpful, and I am grateful for the experience. Also, my views on the legal profession have changed for the better, and I consider it to be the second most significant benefit from the internship.”

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