Labour law

Legal Support for Employers and Employees:

Labor law is one of the areas of expertise at “CersJurkāns,” where we provide professional legal assistance to both employers and employees. Our experience in representing both sides allows us to see the overall picture, anticipate the actions and arguments of the opposing party in a dispute.

The experienced lawyers and attorneys at “CersJurkāns” can help you resolve disputes related to employment termination, damages caused to the employer, violations committed by the employee during the performance of duties, and the application of disciplinary sanctions for violations, as wel as issues concerning the payment of wages or other payments to the employee.

Our services in labor law:

  • Preparation of employment contracts and amendments, job descriptions;
  • Preparation of confidentiality and trade secret protection agreements;
  • Preparation of employer/employee notices, agreements on the termination of employment relationships;
  • Preparation of employer orders and other internal regulatory documents;
  • Preparation of employee responses to employer requests, applications, and explanations to the employer, as well as other documents;
  • Consulting employers on employment/termination of employees in the case of company reorganization/liquidation;
  • Consulting employers before reducing the number of employees and eliminating positions;
  • Representation of employees and employers in court;
  • Preparation of claims for recognizing employment termination as invalid, recovery of average earnings for forced absence, termination of employment relationships, recognizing employer orders as invalid, etc.;
  • Preparation of other procedural documents, consulting on the employer’s burden of proof, consulting and developing strategies for employees in disputes with employers.

Why Choose Our Law Firm:

The “CersJurkāns” law firm has gained significant experience in providing legal support to employers in cases of employee reduction – from preparing internal regulations to ensure the termination procedure to representing in litigation processes, including preparing procedural documents. Some cases of employee reduction have concluded with agreements on the termination of employment relationships or settlements in litigation.

  • Several notable examples of legal assistance provided by the “CersJurkāns” law firm include representing employee interests in cases of employer termination, with the court recognizing the termination as unjustified, and recognizing employer orders for suspension from work as unlawful, with the “CersJurkāns” attorney proving that the employee did not violate trade secret protection rules.
  • The “CersJurkāns” law firm has successfully provided legal assistance to an employee who had important reasons for terminating employment relationships with the employer immediately.
  • On behalf of a long-standing client – a credit institution – the firm won litigation in all three court instances against an employee who contested the employer’s termination notice after the probation period expired. The “CersJurkāns” attorney proved that the client did not violate the prohibition of different treatment towards the employee, who was dismissed after the probation period due to a lack of professional skills.

Experts in this field

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