CersJurkāns Law Firm is one of the most experienced providers of legal services in Latvia. Our results and professional achievements provide the basis for long-term cooperation with clients and positive work evaluation.

CersJurkāns team of Attorneys and Lawyers has worked and grown together with modern and independent Republic of Latvia, witnessing the development of a democratic society, legislation and entrepreneurship. Experience and knowledge gained from professional activity offers reliable support in modern changing legal, economic and social environment.

CersJurkāns team of Attorneys and Lawyers works together, combining their distinct but complementary powerful personalities. Our common element is to share common values and high work ethics.


The strength of CersJurkāns is the knowledge and accumulated experience of our team, composed of professional and talented Attorneys and Lawyers.

The collective erudition of the team is formed by its ability to track dynamic changes in the legal, economic and social environment.


CersJurkāns builds stable and long-term relationship with its clients. We earn the trust of our clients by precision, relentless work and respect for ethics and confidentiality.


Our passion in dealing with complex cases is a source of energy for CersJurkāns.

Strategic solutions to complex situations, thorough exploration of the finest details, smart strategy and tactics, creative approach and a sharp mind are the hallmarks of our team.


To provide legal support to our clients outside Latvia, CersJurkāns has become a member of International Associations of Law and Accounting Professionals, such as “MSI Global Alliance” and “Hansa Law Offices”

Participation in these associations allows to provide our clients with efficient and professional representation of their interests worldwide in cooperation with professional teams outside Latvia.

For two decades MSI Global Alliancehas been bringing together over 250 leading law offices and accounting firms in at least 100 countries worldwide. A shared vision and harmonised quality criteria allow us to confidently recommend other members of MSI Global Alliance abroad to our clients, knowing that they will be heard and served by like-minded professionals who will comply with clients’ interests and confidentiality requirements.

MSI Global Alliance – www.msiglobal.org

Hansa Law Offices is a single network of legal service providers in the Baltic states. Thanks to this partnership, CersJurkāns is able to provide its clients with prompt and reliable legal assistance in Estonia and Lithuania. This organisation was created based on the idea of covering the main cities of the historic Hanseatic League. The similarities that have historically united these markets make it possible to effectively combine domestic and cross-border expertise in legal matters.

Hansa Law Offices – www.hansalaw.lt