Preparation of legal opinions

The management of companies and institutions often encounters various legal issues and questions that cannot always be resolved promptly on their own. However, the initial solution chosen can significantly impact the further development of the situation, as well as its legal and economic consequences. To help make informed decisions, provide alternative solutions, and assess the various legal risks associated with the problem, the law firm “CersJurkāns” offers to prepare legal opinions on specific legal matters.

Legal opinions can assist in decision-making and serve as additional legal justification that can be used in relations with other parties and regulatory authorities if necessary. In cases where changes in regulatory frameworks are needed, the opinion can serve as a basis for the development of regulatory acts or their amendments.

Our services in the preparation of legal opinions:

“CersJurkāns” provides clients with the following legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions:

  • Identification and research of complex legal issues;
  • Research and analysis of applicable legal norms, case law, doctrine, and court practice, in conjunction with an evaluation of the factual circumstances of the case;
  • Requesting explanations and information from state and municipal institutions;
  • Preparation of legal opinions in civil, commercial, and administrative (public) law, as well as constitutional law;
  • Consultations and meetings with the client regarding the prepared legal opinion;
  • Presentation of the legal opinion at meetings of the client’s board and council, shareholders’ meetings, and other collegial institutions;
  • Preparation of draft documents indicated in the legal opinion;
  • Involvement of necessary specialists (sworn auditors, construction experts, tax consultants, etc.) in the preparation of legal opinions.

Why Choose Our Law Firm:

  • The lawyers and attorneys at “CersJurkāns” possess in-depth knowledge in various fields of law, enabling us to offer clients comprehensive solutions to legal problems.
  • The lawyers and attorneys at “CersJurkāns” have prepared legal opinions on various complex issues. For example, in matters concerning the continuation or termination of substantial transactions, support allocation for overcoming the consequences of COVID-19, principles for determining rental fees for properties owned by different owners, issues related to real estate management, execution of public construction contracts, as well as the prospects of litigation in complex legal cases, etc.
  • The “CersJurkāns” team has also prepared several studies for state administrative institutions, providing a legal basis for making further policy choices.

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