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Olavs Cers is a partner at CersJurkāns Law Firm and an Attorney at Law with extensive knowledge in civil and commercial dispute resolution, as well as insolvency proceedings. Olavs takes on every new case with genuine passion, and his experience and knowledge, as well as creative approach, guarantees the best solution for the client. Olavs’ constant characteristic is the ability to lead each case to resolution with unrelenting enthusiasm and zeal. He is confident that there are practically no hopeless cases and that for every dispute there is at least one, or even several resolutions. Often the course or result of a case can be affected by small details, which may go by unnoticed by an inattentive observer. As one of the firm’s slogans states, “The devil is in the details!”

  • Representation in the litigation of a specific construction dispute (dismantling of a hydraulic structure in the territory of a port) and in other construction disputes
  • Representation of the Board members in the claims for compensation of damages raised by insolvency administrators or companies
  • Representation of public-law bodies in administrative disputes (correct performance of the public law contracts, lawfulness of the administrative acts, etc.)
  • Representation of the insured persons in the litigation of insurance disputes
  • Representation of public-law bodies in civil disputes (terminating the lease on a public facility due to its renovation; collection of overdue rent etc.)
  • Representation of companies in civil disputes on the performance of bilateral agreements
  • Representation of minority shareholders in the litigations with the companies and majority shareholders
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Law, University of Latvia

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

Participation in professional organisations: Head of Insolvency Law Section of the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates

Other: Arbitrator, the Riga International Court of Arbitration; Arbitrator, the Court of Arbitration of the Latvian Association of Commercial Banks