Public law

The Law firm “CersJurkāns” provides legal assistance in the field of public law, which includes environmental and energy issues, tax disputes, and medical law matters.

Areas of Activity in Public Law:

Public law is a very broad area of law. It encompasses almost all relationships between state institutions and private individuals in various areas, such as tax law, energy law, environmental law, medical law, human rights, constitutional law, and proceedings in the Constitutional Court. This field involves the issuance and obtaining of various permits and licenses, territorial planning, and decision-making by municipalities in construction and other processes.

Relationships between the state and private individuals are most often formalized in the form of administrative acts or public law contracts (administrative contracts), and administrative acts or decisions issued by state administrative bodies, as well as actual actions, can usually be contested and appealed in higher instances and courts.

Professionalism and Experience of ‘CersJurkāns’:

At “CersJurkāns,” experienced attorneys and lawyers specialize in all the aforementioned areas of law. The firm’s specialists have experience both in preparing statements and representing clients in the Constitutional Court, as well as in preparing appeals and representing clients in various instances, including the State Tax Service, municipalities, the Procurement Supervision Bureau, and others.

Legal Practice and Representation:

The law firm CersJurkāns has extensive experience in preparing various types of statements and representing clients in administrative courts, representing both public entities (institutions) and private individuals (recipients of administrative acts), as well as third parties in cases concerning the legality of administrative acts and the existence and performance of public law contracts.

Our Services in the Field of Public Law:

“CersJurkāns” provides clients with the following legal assistance in the field of public law:

  • A deep understanding of the client’s interests and joint development of strategies and tactics to achieve the client’s goals legally;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in institutions, administrative courts, and the Constitutional Court;
  • Preparation of appeals and complaints for institutions, including the State Tax Service, the Procurement Supervision Bureau, the State Environmental Service, and municipalities;
  • Preparation of draft responses to inquiries from private individuals, draft administrative acts and their legal justification on behalf of the client – a public entity, representation of the institution in the administrative court;
  • Preparation of draft normative acts and their justification (impact assessments) in the legal part;
  • Study and research of applicable legal norms, jurisprudence, doctrine, and judicial practice, as well as evaluation of factual circumstances;
  • Requests for clarifications and references in state and municipal institutions;
  • Preparation of legal opinions in the field of public law, as well as constitutional law.

Why Choose Our Law Firm:

Attorneys at law and lawyers at “CersJurkāns” have experience in resolving various issues of public law. Long-term cooperation with state and municipal institutions and the preparation of necessary project documents – project decisions, administrative acts, public law contracts, letters, and references – has given the firm extensive experience in state administration, and representing clients in administrative courts – significant experience in administrative litigation and the practice of administrative courts.

A Wide Range of Legal Assistance:

Attorneys and lawyers of the law firm CersJurkāns have professionally and successfully represented their clients, preparing all necessary documents for the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights, in disputes related to environmental and energy rights, including in relation to the placement of wind and solar power stations, in tax disputes at the State Tax Service, in matters related to construction and the issuance of building permits in municipal construction authorities and the State Construction Control Bureau, and others.

Specialized Legal Assistance:

Our attorneys and lawyers have experience in issues related to the activities and control of state and municipal corporations, including assessing the legal status and justification of state and municipal corporations. The lawyers of the firm have also provided legal assistance to medical institutions in disputes with patients, including court proceedings.

Experts in this field

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