Restructuring and insolvency

Insolvency and restructuring legal assistance:

The lawyers and legal experts at “CersJurkāns” provide comprehensive legal assistance in the areas of insolvency and restructuring for companies facing difficulties, as well as for secured and unsecured creditors, shareholders, stakeholders, management institutions, and other involved parties.

Economic instability and other external or internal adverse factors can subject a company to financial difficulties or even bankruptcy. It is crucial to find the best possible solution in a timely manner, one that is acceptable to all involved parties and can ensure the continuous commercial operations of the company.

Our services in the areas of restructuring and insolvency include:

  • Financial restructuring by renegotiating debt obligations, assessing current debt conditions, and representing in negotiations with creditors about modifying conditions;
  • Debt restructuring, representing clients in negotiations with debtors or creditors, identifying, developing, and applying new solutions aimed at ensuring the continuity of the company’s business activities and improving liquidity;
  • Optimization of the company’s capital structure by issuing new shares or repurchasing existing shares;
  • Daily business operations restructuring, providing legal support in cost optimization processes, including workforce reduction and the sale of inefficient or non-core assets;
  • Representation in the asset acquisition process from insolvent or restructuring companies;
  • Representation of insolvent company’s stakeholders, board and council members in litigation processes against claims raised by insolvency administrators;
  • Representation of creditors throughout all stages of the insolvency process, including the preparation of insolvency filings and representation at creditors’ meetings;
  • Representation in out-of-court legal protection (ĀTAP) and legal protection process (TAP) at all stages, providing support in preparing and coordinating legal protection process plans with creditors, and finding and implementing the most suitable ĀTAP and TAP methods;
  • Client representation in out-of-court dealings with creditors and debtors;
  • Representation in courts in all types of disputes related to insolvency, legal protection, or restructuring;
  • Representation of creditors in the insolvency and liquidation processes of financial institutions;
  • Recovery of third-party property in the insolvency and liquidation processes of financial institutions.

Why Choose Our Law Firm:

CersJurkāns” is one of the most experienced offices in Latvia in matters of insolvency and restructuring with more than 25 years of experience. Our office’s leading partners have participated in substantial insolvency and liquidation processes in Latvia, for example, office partner, attorney at law Olavs Cers has been the liquidator of Baltic International Bank SE.

The “CersJurkāns” team has extensive experience in providing legal support for consolidating company groups, representing in out-of-court negotiations, restructuring and debt recovery, and representing clients in all stages of insolvency and legal protection processes.

The advanced understanding of insolvency law regulations and practical experience in restructuring by the lawyers and legal experts at “CersJurkāns” allow for the timely identification of potential issues and the provision of legal support to companies in difficulty. We offer the most effective solutions that allow our clients to reduce the risk of insolvency, as well as to efficiently and legally exercise their rights during the insolvency process.

Experts in the Field

Zverināts advokāts Jānis Jurkāns speciālists šadas nozares - Apdrošināšanas strīdi, Bankas un Finanšu iestādes, Darba tiesības, Ģimenes un mantojuma tiesības, Komerctiesības un M&A, Nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības, noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācijas novēršana (AML), Reorganizācija un maksātnespēja, Parstāvība tiesās un šķīrējtiesās, Starptautiskās privāttiesības un Eiropas Savienības tiesības.

Jānis Jurkāns

Partner, attorney at law
Zvērināts advokāts Olavs Cers, speciālists šadas nozares -Apdrošināšanas strīdi, Bankas un Finanšu iestādes, Ģimenes un Mantojumā tiesības, Komerctiesībās, Medicīnas tiesības, nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības, noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācija novēršana (AML), Reorganizācija un maksātnespēja, pārstāvība tiesās un šķīrējstiesās, publiskās tiesības, Komerctiesības un M&A.

Olavs Cers

Partner, attorney at law
Jurists Kristaps Dortans specialists šādas nozarēs: Komerctiesības un M&A, maksātnespēja.

Kristaps Dortāns

Juriste Marita Kataja-Paegle specializējas šādas nozares Maksātnespēja.

Marita Kataja-Paegle


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If you need legal assistance in matters of insolvency or restructuring, please contact “CersJurkāns” at phone number +37167365865 or by email at to schedule a meeting with one of the office’s lawyers or an attorney at law specializing in insolvency or restructuring matters!