Representation before courts and Arbitration courts

How to Prepare and Successfully Defend Your Rights! 

Have you received a notification from a court or an arbitration tribunal about the commencement of legal proceedings or a notification about an unfavorable decision? These cannot be ignored, as inaction in the judicial process can lead to unforeseen adverse consequences. As the ancient Romans said, “The law is written for the wise!” It is crucial to respond timely and appropriately to judicial or arbitration documents and to skillfully exercise your procedural rights to ensure a comprehensive and effective defense in the legal process. Therefore, representation before courts and arbitration courts is an essential step in protecting and effectively advocating for your interests.

Even when all possibilities for resolving a dispute out of court have been exhausted, and it becomes necessary to turn to the courts to protect your interests, it is critically important that legal actions are not only correct but also timely. In this context, representation in court becomes essential for ensuring the protection of rights and interests.

Additionally, any legal proceeding, whether civil or criminal, involves precisely established deadlines and other nuances. Ignorance, omission, or non-compliance with these can lead to an unfavorable outcome, even if the truth is on your side.
It should also be noted that proceedings in arbitration courts are often more complex and intricate than in regular courts because each arbitration court operates under its own rules, which may include specific nuances. Furthermore, decisions made by arbitration courts are not subject to appeal, meaning all necessary preparations must be completed at this single instance.

The experienced team at the legal firm “CersJurkāns” provides professional representation of clients’ interests in both courts and arbitration tribunals. When representing clients, our sworn attorneys prepare necessary procedural documents such as complaints, explanations, appeals, and cassation complaints, and also participate in sessions of both courts and arbitration tribunals.

Professional and timely representation in courts and arbitration tribunals is crucial for resolving various legal disputes effectively. “CersJurkāns” offers expert support and protection across many areas of law, ensuring the defense of client interests and striving to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Our Services:

  • Civil Litigation: We provide expert legal support in resolving various civil law disputes, including those related to construction and insurance, claims for damages, and real estate disputes. We also represent clients in disputes associated with commercial activities and cases involving the enforcement or invalidation of contracts.
  • Administrative Law Disputes: Professional representation in administrative disputes, including cases involving decisions by state and municipal authorities.
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions: Representation in proceedings related to the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in Latvia.
  • Tax Disputes: Representation in tax disputes with the State Tax Service and in administrative courts.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Defense and representation in cases involving economic crimes related to financial and entrepreneurial activities, as well as in proceedings for the confiscation of criminally obtained assets.
  • Negotiation of Settlement Agreements: Our experienced attorneys negotiate settlement agreements and prepare related documents to achieve client-focused and effective solutions, both pre-litigation and in court.
  • Representation in Foreign Courts and Arbitration Tribunals: We provide international legal support through collaboration with foreign attorneys and jurists in courts and other legal institutions outside of Latvia.
  • Constitutional Court Proceedings: We offer expertise and experience in Constitutional Court processes and representation.
  • Medical Disputes: Specialized representation in disputes within the medical sector to protect the rights of patients and healthcare professionals.

In all the aforementioned areas, the “CersJurkāns” team prepares necessary documents, engages specialists from relevant fields (such as construction experts, sworn auditors, and translators) as required, and ensures client representation in courts of all levels, arbitration tribunals, and in interactions with any third parties involved in these processes.

Why Choose Our Law Firm:

Given that our firm comprises attorneys with various specializations, the “CersJurkāns” team ensures representation of client interests in administrative proceedings related to decisions by state and municipal authorities, as well as in all types of civil cases, and specific areas of criminal law.

The attorneys at “CersJurkāns” provide personalized support and protection across a diverse array of legal situations.

Experts in the Field

Zvērināts advokāts Olavs Cers, speciālists šadas nozares -Apdrošināšanas strīdi, Bankas un Finanšu iestādes, Ģimenes un Mantojumā tiesības, Komerctiesībās, Medicīnas tiesības, nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības, noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācija novēršana (AML), Reorganizācija un maksātnespēja, pārstāvība tiesās un šķīrējstiesās, publiskās tiesības, Komerctiesības un M&A.

Olavs Cers

Partner, attorney at law
Zverināts advokāts Jānis Jurkāns speciālists šadas nozares - Apdrošināšanas strīdi, Bankas un Finanšu iestādes, Darba tiesības, Ģimenes un mantojuma tiesības, Komerctiesības un M&A, Nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības, noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācijas novēršana (AML), Reorganizācija un maksātnespēja, Parstāvība tiesās un šķīrējtiesās, Starptautiskās privāttiesības un Eiropas Savienības tiesības.

Jānis Jurkāns

Partner, attorney at law
Zverināta advokāte Inita Apšniece speciālists šādas nozares - Apdrošināšanas strīdi, komierctiesības, nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības, pārstāvība tiesās un šķīrējtiesās, Publiskās tiesības.

Inita Apšeniece

Attorney at law
Zvērināta advokāte Evija Kolberga speciālists šādas nozares - Apdrošināšanas strīdi, Darba tiesības, Ģimenes un mantojuma tiesības, medicīnas tiesības, Pārstāvība tiesās un šķīrējtiesās, nekustamais īpašums un būvniecības tiesības.

Evija Kolberga

Attorney at law
Zvērināta advokāte Aija Tuvikene, speciālists šādas nozares - Bankas un Finanšu iestādes, Komerctiesības, Nekustamais īpašums un būvniecība, Noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācijas novēršana (AML), Pārstāvība tiesās un šķīrējtiesās, Starptatiskās privāttiesības un Eiropas Savienības tiesības, Juridisko atzinumu sagatavošana.

Aija Tuvikene

Attorney at law

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